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IT Projects & Solutions for Arizona Businesses

For companies who have the day-to-day IT responsibilities covered, one-time technology projects can present a challenge. During these times an extra set of IT hands and IT consulting can be valuable. Here are some of the ways MyTek can jump in and be your IT consultant for project-based IT needs.

IT Support for Relocation

Relocating or expanding into a new office location? We’ve got you covered – MyTek can provide strategy and recommendations to ensure the build-out of the new space is optimized to house your technology infrastructure. In addition, MyTek can provide cabling services to support the network infrastructure. Or, we can install TV monitors to support your digital signage needs. Finally, our team can support the relocation of your technology infrastructure by discounting and reconnecting your technology components when you’re ready to move.

Email Migration Services

Many companies in their early years utilize free email tools like Gmail. As they mature, a more robust small business software and email platform is required. The challenged faced when this transition is needed is how to move to a platform like O365 without losing critical data and file structures that exist in the current email platform. We can take the lead in making sure you have a smooth email migration to O365 with no lost data or file structure

Network Upgrades

Does your current network provide the speed and efficiency you need to support your business? Is your current Internet provider delivering the speed you’re paying for? Can your current network gear accommodate the speeds? Is your network infrastructure designed to prevent hackers from infiltrating your system and accessing sensitive data? Is your wireless network configured correctly so guests that join and staff that connect their personal devices don’t expose your systems to viruses or malware? We can assist in answering these questions and provide a roadmap to total network security solution.

Updating Aging Computers and Servers

Aging computers and servers can cause major issues for companies from reduced productivity due to speed and performance to security risks. We work with you to understand your business operations and provide computing solutions to both upgrade your current platform and enhance your business operations.

Eliminate Redundant Technical Solutions

Do you know if you’re spending money on software tools and services that are redundant? Many companies find out that they are paying for services that they already have within an existing service. For example, O365 provides cloud-based document storage like DropBox. We will evaluate your current technology tools and help to consolidate them. You’ll streamline your tools and trim your IT budget.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensuring that your data is backed up correctly is critical to the sustainability of growing businesses. In today’s environment of hackers, it’s a must to protect your data. We often find that critical business data is stored locally on laptops or desktop computers. This leaves critical data exposed and vulnerable to catastrophic lose. The laptop can be stolen or damaged or rendered inoperable by a virus.

Additionally, remote users working from home or from local coffee shops introduce another layer of threat to your data security. We will work with you to ensure your infrastructure is both flexible to support remote users and designed to be a secure solution to protect your company’s intellectual property.

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