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Dependable IT for Law Firms in Phoenix

A modern law firm cannot run smoothly without implementing today’s technologies. With more at stake than just your reputation, the costs are high if your IT slips up.

Law professionals help determine many important issues. Comparable to other industries, the legal space relies heavily on technology as a core tool for day-to-day functions. Whether you are a partner in a small office or are a part of a large legal team at a corporation, it is important to weigh the advantages that technology can hold for your profession.

The fact is, it just does not make sense for smaller firms to have an in-house IT person to handle support tickets. Unlike other technology companies that are eager to make a quick buck off your tech issues, MyTek exists to create the highest quality service at an affordable cost. Our solutions are tailored toward IT for law firms in Phoenix for a flat monthly rate. We provide the latest and most dependable technologies that your business needs.

Custom IT Solutions for Your Profession

We provide hardware, software, and hosted solutions that add tangible value to your firm.

Each practice is different, so why stick to a general technology built for the masses that doesn’t take your unique needs into consideration? MyTek helps law firms provide the best services to their customers by constructing suitable IT solutions. These services are:

  • Hardware services - Using our host of vendor relationships, we forge the means to access hardware solutions, as well as the know-how in implementing effective logistical methods.
  • Software services - We offer software solutions to fulfill all of your practice's needs. Software solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM) and document management can present a definite boost to your practice's efficiency.
  • Cloud solutions - We understand how quickly changing cloud computing can be for organizations that look to integrate mobility into their IT strategy. MyTek can provide options from email to virtual computing environments to productivity suites all housed securely off-site and ready to access anytime, from anywhere.

MyTek possesses an extensive knowledge of IT for law firms in Phoenix. Our expertise is IT infrastructure management. With our remote monitoring and management solutions as a part of your flat-rate IT service, your practice can experience quick IT turnaround, minus the expenses that usually come with technology.

Your Clients Deserve the Highest Confidentiality

Having the right IT in place ensures your firm’s data and legal information is kept safe.

Data breaches are unfortunately a very real hazard of today’s world that exists across industries and company size. The rising usage of mobile computing, especially, increases the risk of compromising sensitive information traveling between lawyers and their firms. Not only is it best practice to keep this information safe, your profession depends on it.

At MyTek, we’re at the forefront of the mobile device revolution and can present your law firm with solutions to manage, and if necessary, delete this sensitive information from mobile devices, among other solutions that are sure to work for your organization. MyTek's experienced professionals understand the importance of your firm's data and have many solutions to safeguard it.

To learn more about how MyTek can customize solutions in IT for law firms in Phoenix, contact us at 623-312-2440.

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