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Why Testing Your Backup Data is so Important

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Best Practices, MyTek Blog


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Test Your Backup Before You Regret Not Doing ItWhen it come to business continuity strategy, you need to test your data backup. This is the key takeaway from today’s post. In almost all organizations, it’s easy for data to slip through the cracks, as there are a lot of components to a solid data backup plan. If you’re not actively taking measures to keep disasters from derailing your business’ progress, you stand to lose more than some data. How about we examine the key aspects of a data backup and disaster recovery process and why you should test your process routinely. 

What Are the Key Parts of Data Backup?

A data backup protocol involves these key steps, which play a part in your data backup success. 

  • Incremental backups: Backups that are taken periodically throughout the workday are your best bet to minimize data lost to disasters. The more data you can protect, the better, after all. These backups should be taken as often as every fifteen minutes to guarantee minimal data loss.
  • Quick data recovery: Your ideal backup solution needs to have rapid data recovery that can be implemented within a moment’s notice. This is to minimize downtime, which can be devastating to a business’ bottom line if it is left unresolved for any amount of time.
  • Testing to ensure proper backups: Your organization should be periodically testing data backups to make sure they are working effectively. 

Why Testing is Important

Making sure to test any of your systems for issues is just plain good practice, but this goes double for data backup. IT is the backbone of almost every modern business. Lots of factors can lead to data loss, including a power surge which can fry the components of a system, leaving you rushing to get data off a device. There are measures you can take to protect all of your IT infrastructure against the multitude of threats out there, but the BDR (backup and disaster recovery) service will allow you to protect your assets with a comprehensive solution.

If you don’t test your backup system, you could think that you are protected when you aren’t. When a circumstance comes where you need to recover data–and it will come–if you don’t have a properly functioning backup system in place, you are going to lose assets. It’s that simple. Routine testing of your backup makes sure that all is working as you hope and plan for. You’ll have peace of mind to feel protected in case of a data disaster and will be protecting your business in a way that can literally save it. 

At MyTek, our technicians want all of our clients to have a backup platform that makes data backup and recovery simple. If data backup is keeping you up at night and you want to make sure your company’s data assets are protected, call us today at (623) 312-2440.





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Tim Tiller, LMSW

Tim Tiller, MSW brings a deep service background to his role at Mytek, having graduated from McDonald’s management training program, fresh out of high school, and working his way up through the ranks in the hospitality industry. He has led two prior companies – Multi-Systems Inc., an IT-focused organization providing technology to hospitality companies (where he was named President at age 36), and most recently, as Chief Operating Officer for Jewish Voice Ministries International.


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