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Phoenix Business Technology Can Prevent 3 Backup Nightmares

Phoenix Business Technology Can Prevent 3 Backup Nightmares

Your Phoenix business technology strategy needs to include data backup and disaster recovery, period. There is no exception to this rule. The hard truth of the matter is that your business is risking far too much by not implementing data backup and disaster recovery (BDR). Today, we’ll examine scenarios in which your business data is threatened, and how digitally advanced businesses stay safe. Learn why investing in the expertise from a leading Phoenix technology company to keep you up and running is a wise financial decision.

Situation #1: A Power Surge Strikes a Server - What Phoenix Technology Company Can Protect You?
Imagine that your business is struck by a storm that brings with it immense amounts of wind, thunder, and lightning. A tree limb drops and severs the power lines surrounding your office, causing a power surge and frying your server’s hard drive. Just like that, your business is set back by considerably, both financially and operationally. It’s likely that your business doesn’t have extra server hardware on-hand, as the sheer price of this expensive hardware would be enough to deter such a thing. Plus, consider the fact that your business can’t work as it needs to without this server hardware; this downtime can effectively cripple your business and make it much more difficult to recover.

A quality data backup and disaster recovery platform from MyTek Technology Solutions will give your business the ability to eliminate downtime. Plus, since the BDR - a best practice Phoenix business technology device, can be used as a temporary server, you can keep your business running while you get your hardware back in proper working order.

Situation #2: A Team Member Goofs on an Email and Vital Business Functions Shut Down
With so many emails coming in from clients and customers, it’s easy to click on something without thinking about what you’re actually clicking on. For example, an employee could download an attachment that is infected with malware, hampering your business’ ability to function and potentially exposing your data to theft or the threat of ransomware. Ransomware is one of the most devastating threats to your business’ future. Locker ransomware can lock access to a specific computer, but crypto ransomware will lock access to personal data and other important files. These ransoms come in addition to a countdown with the hope of expediting the decision process. Sophisticated attacks require even more sophisticated Phoenix business technology to prevent shut down of vital business functions.

A backup and disaster recovery platform from a leading Phoenix technology company will give your business a lifeline in these troubling times. A data backup is one of the only ways to get around the annoyance and embarrassment of having to pay a hacker to release your data. Therefore, prevention of such a travesty is smart insurance for your business.

Situation #3: Time Will Always Catch Up - Digitally Advanced Companies Need an Advanced Phoenix Technology Company to Stay Current & Safe

Imagine that you haven’t experienced a technological hiccup in a long time. This might seem like the new normal, but when you go for so long without experiencing an issue, you get complacent. This means that you’re not proactively looking for threats, and a business that isn’t preventing attacks and issues will inevitably suffer from them. A hardware refresh can go a long way to help your IT withstand the test of time, and it can help your organization eliminate costs associated with downtime.

BDR, one of the Phoenix business technology solutions you can't afford to be without, can even make migrating your data to new hardware easier and more efficient by offering you a safety net in the event the migration process doesn’t go as planned. Plus, during the migration process, your data might not be accessible by your employees, so having a backup in the cloud will allow for productivity to continue unhindered.

Complimentary Phoenix Business Technology Evaluation Offer

Phoenix business technology solutions keep your business safe and operational, and data backup and disaster recovery is a must have. MyTek, a leading Phoenix technology company, can help. To learn more, visit our website HERE. We would be happy to provide a complimentary on-site Phoenix business technology evaluation - a $500 value with no strings attached. Go HERE for more info about the offer. Please reach out to us at 623-312-2444, or by e-mail HERE.

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

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