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These Google Chrome Tips Will Make Browsing The Internet Easy

by | Aug 4, 2021 | MyTek Blog, Tip of the Week


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Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers on the market. For example, in June of this year, about 65 percent of online users were attributed to Chrome. Since this browser has gotten so popular, we thought it would be particularly helpful to share some useful Google Chrome tips that can make Chrome an easier experience and to boost your overall productivity.

Disclaimer: Some of these tips require a change of settings, if you do not want to change these settings yourself, make sure to reach out to an IT professional or give us a call at 623-312-2444.

Keep Tabs on Your Browser Tabs with Tab Groups

When too many tabs are open, it can be hard to tell which is which, making it so you’re switching between them all and wasting time. You can use Google Chrome’s tab groups to help with this! This makes it so you can collect several tabs into one group, to make them more manageable. To do this, right-click on the tab you want to add to a group and click the “add tab to new group” option. Then, you can add other tabs to this group. Removing a tab from the group is equally easy and can be done by right-clicking it and clicking the “remove from group” option.

Open Certain Web Pages when Chrome Starts

You can also have Chrome open certain web pages every time it starts. That can make it easy so you can always have your email open, or a certain page you need to log into every day. Whatever it is, it will speed up the process for you. You can do this by heading into your settings and selecting “You and Google.” Go to the “On startup” section and click “Open a specific page or set of pages” and then you can add in which ones you want it to open. 

You can also open all of the tabs you want to open and use the “Use current pages on the On startup page” option.

Quickly Find Useful Websites

Chrome has options to help you find websites that will be helpful to you. In the address bar, simply type in what you’re looking for and it will automatically appear to save you time. This is often helpful if you’re wanting to open a specific Google Doc you’ve recently worked on without going through your entire Drive.

If you need any help with your business’s IT, or have any Google Chrome questions, give MyTek a call today at 623-312-2444.


Tim - Team

Tim Tiller, LMSW

Tim Tiller, MSW brings a deep service background to his role at Mytek, having graduated from McDonald’s management training program, fresh out of high school, and working his way up through the ranks in the hospitality industry. He has led two prior companies – Multi-Systems Inc., an IT-focused organization providing technology to hospitality companies (where he was named President at age 36), and most recently, as Chief Operating Officer for Jewish Voice Ministries International.


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