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MyTek has been serving the Arizona area since 2009, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and technology consulting to growing Phoenix businesses.

Harness Phoenix Technology in Business with Complimentary Webinar

harness technology header 319Good afternoon!

As a fellow Arizona business leader, I appreciate the opportunity to share business insights and opportunities with you.  Today, I'm reaching out to personally invite you to attend the complimentary live Strategy Execution Webinar, a business leader strategy session I am presenting.  You will learn how to harness Phoenix technology in business to power growth for 2019.  Your leadership team is welcome to join you.

Webinar attendees will receive complimentary on-site technology consultation and
30 days of complimentary Phoenix business technology support.

This complimentary 30-minute live webinar provides insights on why 66% of the fastest growing businesses fail, tools to avoid these pitfalls, and how to drive growth by leveraging Phoenix technology in business.  Believe me, it's not a 30 minute sales pitch. We don't do business that way.  I'll provide practical strategies to save time and money, driving business growth by maximizing technology resources.

To accommodate your schedule, there are numerous webinar days/times.

You are probably wondering why am I doing this. I believe business innovation is crucial to winning in a competitive business environment.  I'm convinced that MyTek, Arizona's leading business technology support provider, can help you do it.  And we are willing to prove it.  Please let me know if you have questions.  I really hope you will join us!


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Tip of the Week: How Phoenix Business Technology is Used

Tip of the Week: How Phoenix Business Technology is Used

No matter how big a business is, it has to leverage at least some IT in order to be efficient. Unfortunately, some organizations are reluctant to implement new technology if they don’t seem to need it immediately. What these businesses don’t know is that the reason they typically don’t implement new solutions--saving money--is in direct conflict with what the solutions are designed to do in the first place.  Our tip of the week tackles ways Phoenix business technology is used to help businesses grow.

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Phoenix Business Technology Can be a Pain in the @sset!

hero man

You are probably well aware that Phoenix business technology is an asset when it works but when it doesn’t that asset can turn into a pain in the @!!.

Every business asset requires proactive management to retain its value. The MyTek team is driven to ensure your Phoenix business technology remains a competitive asset that drives business growth. And when you experience technical roadblocks, we deliver the same attention to every detail service level you experience at a 5-star resort.

How does your most recent experience with your current Phoenix business technology support provider compare?

  • Did they listen carefully to understand the business impact of your situation? Did they analyze what led up to the situation to prevent its recurrence?
  • Did you feel that resolving your challenge was their number one priority?
  • At a minimum, I hope that they were easy to work with and delivered results that exceeded your expectations.

If your most recent experience was less than stellar – we should talk.

Below is a sample of how the end users of the businesses MyTek supports responded to the above questions following their interactions with MyTek’s service team:

  • “Professionally, he handled my issue quickly and understood I was under a fast approaching deadline (I had 40 minutes to access, download, review, and submit a file to print).”
  • “Very efficient and professional. He is excellent in dealing with people that do not know computer jargon but know what needs to be fixed.”
  • “Our experience was great because the IT tech that helped us with our email problem was very knowledgeable, very understanding, a great listener. He knew what to do and helped us through what the issues were so we understood.”
  • “When I called, it was close to closing time for MyTek. The tech was patient and resolved the issue without making me feel like he was in a hurry. Nicely done!”
  • “MyTek was extremely professional and efficient. My support representative was friendly, patient and quick to identify and resolve errors our issues that needed attention.”

Our Phoenix Business Technology Support Measures Up

MyTek is so focused on delivering Phoenix business technology service that makes our clients smile that following every closed ticket, we send one question to our client. We simply ask them to rate their level of happiness. We post those results in real time on the front page of our website for the world to see.   View them HERE.

We would welcome the opportunity to add your smiles to MyTek’s collective happiness rating. Let’s get a cup of coffee on your schedule and my dime. I enjoy getting to know other leaders in the Valley and exploring how we can support each other in our mission to expand our businesses.

Schedule coffee at your convenience HERE . If you’d like to chat by phone, feel free call me directly at 623-312-2311, or e-mail me HERE.

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Phoenix IT Security Tips to Protect Business Data and Systems

Phoenix IT Security Solutions

No Phoenix business can be successful if it’s constantly suffering from data breaches.  Smart businesses should take measures to mitigate the issues caused by these security threats before they present themselves.  MyTek, a leading Phoenix IT company, offers recommendations below for four of the biggest security issues your business could without a proactive plan to reduce vulnerability.

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Phoenix Business Technology - Utilizing Cloud-Hosted HR and Payroll

Phoenix Business Technology -  Utilizing Cloud-Hosted HR and Payroll

Businesses are cutting the costs of HR.  Phoenix business technology includes cloud computing.  It can be used for many things, and nowhere is this more true than in the Human Resources department. Organizations of all shapes and sizes use the cloud to keep operations moving forward. Some have even moved their entire human resources and payroll departments into the cloud. We’ll help you decide if this is the right approach for your organization.

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Good afternoon!As a fellow Arizona business leader, I appreciate the opportunity to share business insights and opportunities with you.  Today, I'm reaching out to personally invite you to attend the complimentary live Strategy Executi...

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